CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL the first 5 chapters

I was sent manuscripts about a year ago of two rare, scholarly books about the history of SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE including the facts of the cover ups in the 1980’s. Neither author can be found…Tim Tate is believed to be still alive thouugh under the radar. The author of the second book I hope to share is believed to have been killed along with his wife. The first book I am reading into the record is sometimes available on Amazon at over 200 dollars. The second is rarely available but when it is, it retails for about 15 thousand dollars! The third book detailing particularly the Intelligence Services involvement has not yet been acquired by my source, but together the three books make up the perfect trifectre of knowledge on this hitherto hidden subject.

My source personally typed up the manuscripts. I am spending HOURS reading them for the public record!! If you are able to contribute to our efforts that would be HUGELY appreciated and equally disbursed, using my gofundme link!! My paypal was disabled due to trolling connected to the HAMPSTEAD COVER UP but my gofundme active for the past 5 years fortunately still works!!

Here is the introduction and first 5 chapters of the first book CHILDREN FOR THE DEVIL Ritual Abuse & Satanic Crime by Tim Tate. Each is long, around 2 hours, and much of it is difficult but essential reading for any seriously wanting to make this world a safer place for children

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest xx

I will endeavor to complete the reading of this first book next week

God Bless in these difficult days of transition into the predicted new world order

Jesus promised NEVER to leave us or forsake us even unto the end of the age!