I am deeply troubled putting this together, triggered and traumatised once again on the trail for justice for the Hampstead Children

This is MIND BLOWING INFORMATION which should be all over mainstream media and yet here we are …

EVIDENCE by a brave tech diving in to the dark web yet sourcing ALL MATERIAL from publically available information…the tech despite finding evidence did NOT view child porn or snuff movies …simply followed the trail from RICKY DEARMAN and his companies LIGHTHOUSE MEDIA

God knows what the backlash will be now the MAINSTREAM MEDIA are implicated so please PRAY for us but as always most especially for ALYSSA, GABRIEL and children trapped in this nightmare world everywhere

Please view and share and if you can contribute in any way small or large please do

If you only have time to view ONE of these three videos, let it be the EVIDENCE in the third one by this brave young survivor of abuse and childrens homes who turned his pain into passion for justice for others