FAMILY WARS and rebellious offspring!

Hello Dear Friends, Followers and Supporters,

This little blog is very close to hitting the first million views so THANK YOU!

I taught my daughter to blog and vkog, and her site has almost or over TEN MILLION HITS!!

And that warms the cockles of my heart, very PROUD MAMA BEAR!

This daughter, the child of a Priory of Zion Sicilian Mafioso is ATTACKING me …..she sent the cops to my house during a DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER meltdown for a supposed welfare check when she could have checked herself. I was traumatised and live streamed the cops on facebook a la Brian Harvey ha ha !

She Gabriella, then directed my youngest son to go to my cabin office and delete and disable my facebook and twitter accounts. My amazing assistant recovered my precious facebook, but the twitter account followed by journalists in Ireland and internationally was permanently GONE

Gabriella’s last attack was to have THREE evidential videos removed from my youtube channel with a copyright strike …THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR ONLY ONE STRIKE! And I AM NOT HAVING IT

I adore MY BEAUTIFUL GABRIELLA, insta famous bla bla but still a domestic violence and narcissist victim

Please share this and if you can help with my work, primarily generational MKUltra testimony but also journalism regarding paedo rings, please donate to my gofundme it will be APPRECIATED

Love always

Angie & Aaron xx