Luke McGee controversial anti paedophilia activist & campaigner in exile!

Luke is an amazing evidence-based researcher who has had to flee his native country of Australia under persecution and death threats for his stirling work exposing the agenda to normalise child rape and murder, hiding behind the skirts of the LGBTQ community, and the satanic Crowley based sex cult known world wide as the ORDO TEMPLARE ORIENTIS

Luke admits he is on the autism/aspergers spectrum, and I sometimes even suspect Tourettes as he gets so passionate and over heated he cannot HELP being outrageously politically INCORRECT!!

Please don’t shoot the messengers, rather LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE and align with fighting ANYBODY of ANY demographic who hurts our CHILDREN

This 2 hour plus video is my second interview with Luke. You can find the first one on my associate channel Archives of Truth, please subscribe!! I will be doing another show with Luke tomorrow, God willing, and will blog it here as well


So the above interview is the second one

Below is the first, on Archives of Truth

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