The more I know the less I know
and now I’m knowing nothing
My mind is racing, telling me
The snake has done his sloughing

When I am strong and certain
I can conquer anything
I know the plan I sing the song
I have the wedding ring

Yet like a loner all undone
My skirts are lifted high
I crash upon an ocean wild
and fall down from the sky

I know I’m loved I know I’m good
I traded life for service
Yet in my family neighbourhood
I still make people nervous

When people use the you word
To tell me all my wrongs
My shoulders broad long suffering
Break under their old songs

If I hate myself despise myself
Dwell longtime on shortcomings
I’ll never walk another step
The music turns to humming

And silence once more beckons me
I’ll stay within my cage
A dumping ground a catalyst
For other peoples rage

A goldfish in a bowl,
A head above the sand
A child of God most precious
Please come and hold my hand

I thought I saw a rainbow
I thought I heard his voice
I thought I felt a love divine
I made the bravest choice

I’m all run out of chasing
rainbows beckoning from far
Send eagles falcons what you will
To catch this falling star

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