MY TRANSLATION OF PSALM 91…Protection against heart attacks, swine flu, cancer, death

Plead the blood of Jesus over and around you…that used to freak me out thinking of blood all around or on me, trying to understand that….cultures that understand covenant and ritual get it quicker than a western mind set…don’t get it with your intellect, get it in your spirit. I kinda get it like this…if pressure is coming at me big time I sometimes cry out WHAT DO YOU WANT…BLOOD?? The answer is I PLEAD THE BLOOD ALREADY SHED ON MY BEHALF….

This is a love offering, for people in danger everywhere, and especially for those we love.


If you settle down in the secret place with your God, you can hide under His protection
The Lord is your refuge and your fortress, your God, trust in Him.
Without any doubt whatsoever He will get you out of the corner you are trapped in, even a deadly pandemic, a serious health scare, a threat on your life…anything

God your God will cover you like a biird with His feathers, under His awesome wings you can relax, His truth will keep you safe from any kind of attack, physical mental or spiritual.
Don’t be scared, especially in the depths of the darkness and loneliness of the night, and no one and nothing is gonna side swipe you tomorrow

No unexpected deathly sickness is gonna come on you unawares, and the horrors threatening you now will come to nothing
Even if a thousand die of what threatens you, even if ten thousand right there where you live, IT WON’T KILL YOU!
You will see for yourself how those with no faith lost the fight.
Because YOU have run to God, our God, because you have thrown yourself on His mercy, NOTHING BAD IS GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU, NO SICKNESS IS GONNA TAKE YOU OUT, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Because even now He is sending angels to you, all around you, for you to care for you, to bring healing to you, to protect and guard and guide you in everything you are facing. They would even lift you up physically to save you hurting yourself or being hurt. You could even face down death in the most dramatic way and you will overcome and triumph victoriously and resoundingly…

Because YOU loved God and have put your trust in Him, HE will save you and heal you and make everything right. He will put you back on the top of the mountain because you acknowledge Him.
You call on His name, your God, I promise you He is going to hear you and answer your heart cry. He’ll stick closer than a brother to you until you get the other side of this trial, He will get you through, and you will be honoured and talked about with amazement.

You’re gonna see old age, you’re gonna walk your daughter down the aisle, you’re gonna see your son graduate, you’re gonna start a new clan and you are going to experience Heaven on this earth.

With all my love and ALL HIS xx

rosebuds an raindrops...rosebuds an raindrops…

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