I dreamed before of love and laughter
travel, adventure, hope and joy
I dreamed of eyes locked lovingly,
hands held eternally, girl and boy

I dreamed before of children mine –
treasured, nurtured, breast-fed
I dreamed of tiny fingers held,
bikes ridden, hurts soothed, belov-ed

I dreamed before of creativity,
parts played, applause received
validation, self-expression, a world
experienced and perceived

I dreamed of family gathered at table
laughing, loving, teasing, exhorting
sharing history unspoken but known
each step and advance excited reporting

I dreamed of God in gardens and flame
I dreamed He loved me truly
I dreamed of prayers beseeched
replied, I dreamed I knew He knew me

I will dream again I cried,
new vistas, possibilities
I’ll dream of lovers old restored
or new improbabilities

I’ll dream of dynasties from my womb
of children and grandchildren
of past mistakes forgotten, cleansed
new memories now thrill them

I’ll dream of life works, dreams restored
fulfilled or new created
I’ll dream of touching millions
healing, laughter unabated

I’ll dream a tapestry of life
each thread now neatly woven
I’ll dream it all makes sense at last
His faithfulness now proven

I’ll dream Jeshua, lover mine
Made real not just a fiction
I’ll dream all know He IS still here
soon coming, benediction.

Come Spirit wish upon my star
bring my dreams quickly, gain, not loss
My eyes fix on the mountains far
Dreams form beyond a rugged cross.Sausalito, Marin County, CaliforniaSausalito, Marin County, California


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