JULY & AUGUST 21 Update with Angie!

Here is Angie’s July and August update, covering lots of topics (see tags for a general idea).

I forgot to address the Ann Drogyne / Shaun Attwood thing but will in a future video. I address in overview the Brian Harvey Niki Cooper thing, the alleged visit for reporting by SG to Ireland, some warrior women, the Health Service and the ongoing Anglesey reports !

Angie’s note on this latest July August Update Video
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As of mid-2021 we are now a team of three – the two of us who are not Angie are here to hopefully lighten the administrative burden so she can focus on working with, protecting survivors and their disclosures. A lot of this work would not happen without your support, and we are making a re-invigorated appeal for help to keep this going. Any contribution makes a huge difference, big or small – they all remind us that this is a battle the side of good will win eventually. Thank you.

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