MKULTRA & Drugging for abuse and amnesia

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After making this video I inevitably recalled further instances of childhood drugging:

1. We were driving across Europe heading for Ireland for my grandparents GOLDEN WEDDING around 1964.
For some reason, my parents told us we were calling in for a night to some acquaintances in Paris.
It was an opulent home and it seemed we were joining a banquet or party. The food was gourmet and almost medaieval and we were unusually allowed to eat and drink as much as we liked. I have no memory after this neither of after dinner activity, going to bed or continueing on our journey

2. A friend and I were rescued at sea in Gibraltar having been swept far out to sea in to dangerous waters on lilos. We were told we had fallen asleep on the lilos and unwittingly been taken in to danger by strong tides. With hindsight it is highly unlikely TWO young girls would fall asleep floating on what we knew to be dangerous waters. It is in my opinion this was more likely to have been WATER TRAUMA PROGRAMMING and we were drugged for the purposes of the staged event

3. As in the photo accompanying this blog, I have distinct memories of long term hospitalisation in military hospitals where I was immobilised from the neck down. I remember thinking how strange it was for my mind to be so active and fascinated whilst my body could not move. I also believe happy drugs were included as I embraced many strange medical experiments without appropriate resistance. I actually suspected this photo was myself for some time but another MKULTRA survivor has claimed it to be her and I am not attached to proving either way

4. Many experimented on in the first 7 years of life and brain pathway interference have adverse reactions to drugs in adulthood such as CHAMPIX or anti depressants with side effects of suicidal or homicidal ideation, and this is indeed the case with myself. I also react very strongly to anaesthetic and seem to trip for up to a month after surgeries with same

Here also for those researching this dark subject and part of recent history, is a brave disclosure featured on the recent INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE conducted in London this year. I personally believe LANDMARK INSTITUTE originally EST is a mind control, scientology like organisation associated with Crowleyism and dark arts. I also think meditation and yoga and veganism as healing tools pale in comparison to the healing thruogh Jesus Christ who came to bind up the broken hearted and restore WHOLENESS. Having said that, this testimony is powerful, also addresses drugging for amnesia and is a valuable link in the jigsaw of secrecy coming to light

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