“Harrassment”, Harvey & Hampstead…August Update with Angie!

For those who do not view videos I apologise that my blogs are scant with text but it has been a CHAOTIC month of August for more than just me I suspect!!

Here is my update and please follow me daily if you do facebook https://www.facebook.com/powerdisney

For those in a cocoon, I got RAIDED in August by 4 or 5 burly detectives with a warrant to confiscate my computer, laptops and phone!! Ricky Dearman shortly after he outed his new identity and the childrens’, by appearing in an international EBAY video, flew to Ireland and filed HARRASSMENT allegations against MOI, despite my NOT having named any of them in my previous blog referring to SLIME!!

Anyway, prayers as always appreciated and sent up for you too!


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