Q & A with some folks ASK ME ANYTHING and discussion

These people had heard stuff online and instead of perpetuating it or mindlessly repeating rumours they did a google hangout with me and we engaged in STRAIGHT TALK! I highly recommend it, although I am more comfortable speaking up for others than myself. I am strangely SAD after the chat but I guess my life warrants some sadness sometimes.
That and the fact I HAVE NO LIFT TO THE HOSPITAL TOMORROW FOR MY SCHEDULED CHECK UP as my lift had a car emergency
I guess engaging with other humans other than my liccul family, even online, highlights the lonely road many of us walk in our every day lives

Soooooooooo this was almost 2 hours, split in to two parts. The second part addresses the issue of DONATIONS, and all the taboo around that subject…well worth a listen if I say so myself lol !

and part 2

Enjoy, much love and please continue to pray for survivors everywhere that we might become OVERCOMERS and PROTECT THE CHILDREN


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