My ALMOST abortion….Save the 8th!!

This is the story of my first born child GABRIELLA and a supernatural dream that saved her life.
She reproduced a representation of the dream years later WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT IT and I knew there was a God and that my child had some sort of conscious memory and connection in the womb

She is 32 now and I adore her. She has two children, my grandchildren, who also would not have been here on earth if I had not cancelled AT THE LAST MINUTE my appointment with planned parenthood

I hope this helps save lives and mostly give hope and guidance to women in the difficult position of facing an unplanned pregnancy….

When I finally got some proper COUNSELLING during my pregnancy, I was shown statistics of how it takes the average woman 5 years to recover from the trauma of abortion. The lady said by the time your child if born is 5, she will be starting school and the hardest time will be over. Both periods of time are going to be difficult but at least with the second option a life will exist and develop….that kinda made sense to me and does every day as I proudly watch that child go on to be a Mother and live a life for herself

Much love

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