Belated MARCH UPDATE and other breaking news!

Hi Friends!

Enclosed my MARCH UPDATE with my STEPPING DOWN from the HAMPSTEAD CASE and other news.

I am not abandoning GABRIEL and ALISSA, they remain in my prayers and indeed in HISTORY as two of the bravest whistleblowers of the 21st century and I still believe their testimonies will CHANGE THE WORLD!

I just am stepping back from MY part in exposing SATANIC RITYUAL ABUSE and the high level cover up of same, particularly in the UNITED KINGDOM….for my own sanity, integrity and well’being! I KNOW that I went above and beyond the call of duty.

I have expressed ongoing concern about the ADULTS surrounding this case, including the parents, who espouse a NEW AGE Gaia and Sophia centric agenda. I support the HEMP for HEALING agenda, but little else. I am a sold out to TRUTH , born again FOLLOWER OF THE WAY…OF YESHUA JESUS ….and in my experience HE is the answer in these agonising END TIMES.

Some of you may have noticed my website recently went down. There was no conspiracy theory…it was a case of FINANCES and if you are in a position to support my work with either a one off gift on my GOFUNDME account, or a monthly support commitment via the PAYPAL donate button that would be HUGELY APPRECIATED! i I also continue to covet your PRAYERS especially for protection and provision.

I will shortly release two of an ongoing series of interviewss with TERE JOYCE of AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO addressing the subjects of PORNOGRAPHY IN THE TRUTH MOVEMENT and MKULTRA so look out for them or tune in live 10pm to 12pm UK time on THE FREEDOM OF JOYCE radio show on AFR!

Love as always

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  1. God bless you Angela and your family.

    I pray with you for those children and those associated to the abuse, The Word teaches that the Lord will make use of the testimony that is shared, I to have to trust it to Christ when things don’t look like they are going to plan and be content with His will unfolding, who really knows how any person will be effected by the offerings we give however weak or strong.

    I pray that many more whistle blowers will land on the doorstep especially those of the inner circle to come out and repent, all the adversity experienced to those looking and seeing shows a victory in effect, give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves and any future plans of air tight concealment have been seriously weakened especially after J.S, a shot pigeon flutters as the saying goes and the Lord is judging these people one by one, at least this instance caused a big break and crack in their stronghold and I pray those children will live to become adults and they will pick up where they where swept away and dumped off.Lord Jesus preserve them or expose those if they have been disposed off secretly. I kind of picked up on hint of a thread of thinking from what you where saying that perhaps this was used,using these abused children to create a false flag or a stir to use to discredit any person exposing corruption and these activity’s, the big elephant.

    Be praying for you to receive some eccentric automobile, a vintage tractor perhaps, tax exempt and very cheap insurance, students dig! All the best with your future direction, I have been moved to address the same area in faith, please keep me in prayer for the Lords Word to have free course, God willing, by my testimony received, and likewise I will praying for your work and well being and God’s keeping of you.

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