#SabineMcNeill epic update series part ONE!

Hi Peeps!

This was an emotional re-connection for both Sabine and myself. We met in person in 2015 and 2016 reporting on the infamous #HAMPSTEADCASE of alleged satanic ritual abuse.

Sabine had been an activist for decades as well as a gifted mathematician and numbers genius, working in the past at CERN where the internet was allegedly born

Sabine can be found online emotionally advocating in the EUROPEAN UNION PARLIAMENT for mothers losing their children in FORCED ADOPTIONS like a flood after the introduction of the law deeming the “risk of FUTURE emotional harm” as grounds for the State to simply kidnap children. I myself worked on a case where a baby was taken from the maternity ward in a local hospital here in rural Ireland, despite huge support for the parents including from medical professionals.

In reporting on the Hampstead Case as well as many Forced Adoption cases, Sabine with her mind for detail was an international force to be reckoned with. She garnered tens of thousands of signatures on petitions, she documented details and evidence impeccably and she ruffled feathers in all the wrong places for the predator class.

Sabine and other activists including Neelu Berry was such a thorn in the side of the government and alleged child rapists that she was brutally targeted and hunted like an animal. She was 73 and disabled at the time. There was no mercy …..she was harangued, framed and jailed for NINE YEARS in the UK when paedophiles were getting let off with cautions and murderers got lesser sentences

Sabine has been called a government agent, as have I …..she has been lambasted for allegedly releasing multiple DISCLOSURE VIDEOS of two siblings giving the most shocking testimonies in recent history and possibly ever of satanic ritual child sexual abuse……when in fact she had been desperately reaching out to then Prime Minister of the UK TERESA MAY. Sabine was STONE WALLED by Teresa May who also went on to allegedly “lose” dossiers of evidence of V.I.P. paedophile abusers…..nuff said.

In my opinion, the jailing of Sabine was a psychological operation just like the jailing of JULIEN ASSANGE to silence potential whistleblowers. So I felt deeply honoured when Sabine agreed to go BACK ON THE RECORD with me in a new series outlining her journey, her suffering, her recovery and her ONGOING COMMITMENT TO THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN IN OUR WORLD. Sabine is 78. What excuse could we offer if we STAY SILENT?

Sabine was recently tricked by a production company working for CHANNEL FOUR in the UK who have another hatchet job planned to be released in the coming months….she hopes as do I, that out informal interviews over the coming weeks will go some way to CORRECT the ever incorrect record of COVERING UP HEINOUS CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. Sabine never quit and never gave up and nor should we, until children EVERYWHERE are safe from rape, murder, exploitation and abuse

love always and forever!

Angie and Aaron xx

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