Adoption Nightmares, Toxic Family Dynamics & Child Trafficking

Hi Friends

Discussing our own family of origin dysfunction can sometimes be the hardest endeavour….it is often easier to see family breakdowns and generational tragedies outside of ourselves rather than reflect on our own backgrounds

This brave whistleblower turned in her own cousin for abuse of adopted children on an horrific scale ….see and subscribe to advocate MIKE VOLPE channel

I had and have my own video testimonies on my channel and whilst it is excruciating to testify of personal tragedies, it is also hugely healing …..the truth really DOES set free, and a bonus is helping others who feel as if it is taboo or isolated………I have been processing the deaths of both my parents the past short years and had an unexpected brief reunion with an estranged sibling as we unpacked 95 years of my abusive father’s legacy. To say nothing in THIS blog of my sister whom I suspect he murdered in 2015……

Trigger Warning for some…..for others I pray it is a relief for families to get honest…..this is another video of Aaron’s Lithuanian Survivor Series ….please be sure to subscribe to Archives of Truth and Angie Power Disney youtube channels to follow these personal and powerful testimonies

One can NEVER monetise tragedy. However, myself and Aaron and so many others devote thousands of hours giving a voice to the voiceless, fighting off professional character assassination and suicide trolling, fighting chronic health challenges and injuries to JUST KEEP SPEAKING OUT ……….if you can contribute to our work IT IS ALWAYS HUGELY APPRECIATED

love always,

Angie and Aaron xx