#SurvivorStories Intro to Part 1 ANGELA POWER DISNEY

Trauma Based Mind Control, Project Paperclip, Josef Mengele, British Royal Air Force, R.A.F. Wegberg in Germany, Baby Swapping at birth, Nature v Nurture, Hypothermia, Shell Shock ….an introduction to Part One of A Trilogy CHASING RAINBOWS in written form

Looking for a good editor and a publisher!!

I have a paypal although am not sure if it is working ! http://www.paypal.me/AngelaPowerDisney
or just use my ol faithful gofundme if you feel so inclined, and judging by donations, most of you don’t! SIGH but oh well https://www.gofundme.com/f/JOURNOANGIE

GOD BLESS anyway and love always