Tell those maidens young and fair
Do not forget to dance
Tell them it was not their fault,
They didn’t stand a chance

Tell them they will weep again
and laugh with morning glory
Tell them they could not have told,
they did not know the story

A story that was epic
and since time began was written
painted on a canvas grand
before their hearts were smitten

An author greater than ourselves
knows best our deepest needs
anticipating harvest time
He knew to sow the seeds

Of love sublime of love divine
of love that’s neverending
of love that mirrors His for us
the reason He had always planned

His precious son for sending

He was the answer we were seeking
when we knew not we were lost
was the aching in our hearts
like burnished gold not yet embossed

was the stirring in our loins
that spoke of love and not just lust
was the dynasty now starting
that for offspring was a must

Tell those maidens young and fair
just be grateful for the season
If you loved but for a night or two
There always was a reason....more nostagia
Angie….more nostagia Angie

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