THE FIELD…………………

Dad has finally admitted he has given Nicky first option on buying the remaining approximately 4 acres of the farm in Scholar’s Field. He and Mum are discussing another deal to avoid death duties. The land needs measuring out it is somewhere between 3 and 4 acres. Martin Shortt valued it at 5,000 an acre. CATHERINE YORE, local county councillor from a farming background, said in real terms, rural land at the moment is selling at between 7 to 10,000 per acre. This is as farming land. Obviously if there were the possibility of building on the land it would be worth much more. Morally and if one were to take Dad at his word, (ironic smile) that land belongs to Kathy, Fiona and myself. The legendary acre each to build on. And the token of acknowledgement for the child labour we were engaged in from Easifit covers onwards. Another version of taking Dad at his word is that the land belongs to Sharon and should not be separated from the bungalow. A bungalow with stables, kennels and 4 acres is worth far more than just a bungalow with the land all around owned by someone else. As Sharon has extrapolated for herself a deal weighted in her favour in terms of Dad and Mum adding value to ‘her’ house with landscaping, stables, kennels etc, one would presume when the house and land was sold she would take care of the 3 of her 4 sisters who got nothing, and were promised at least an acre each. I never wanted the farm broken up nor do Kathy and Fiona as far as I can tell. The only ones responsible for slicing bits of it off and selling it are Dad, Mum and Sharon. All I ever wanted was an acknowledgement that it was the family homestead, and a respectful welcome for all the siblings and grandchildren. It seems to me the ideal thing would be for Nicky or Gemma to buy the bungalow and land back as a package, thus avoiding the further possibility of strangers on the land, which was the sad conclusion of my original 4 acre bribe to stay quiet about Annemarie getting the farm for the supposed cost of Sharon’s bungalow. My refusal to have Dad put in writing what he offered me back then cost me dearly, and Phil Galligan with hindsight was right when he kept prompting me to do so. I still fantasise about buying my house back from the strangers who bought it at the peak of the market but for reality, life continues in my council house. And yes, if it HAD been signed over there was a chance the banks would have taken it because of the poor choice in husband that I made and the extensive debt he left in Ireland when his building business collapsed. I would have fought tooth and nail to avoid that though, bankruptcy courts cannot take your home if you have children, and who knows the outcome. The past cannot be undone. If we acted morally as a unit of siblings, well let me talk for myself. I would rather sell to family at a knock down price than get a pound of flesh at market value for strangers. Just for the pleasure of seeing the farm remain as intact as possible, no matter who has it. I am not planning any court cases or temper tantrums, I am simply the voice of one crying in the wilderness, or ‘thunder in the desert’ as I named my beautiful horse, stating what to normal people would simply be the truth. If Dad and Mum are true to past form they will do a dodgy deal, this time with Nicky, under the table and we will be left to deal with our own emotions after the fact. Nicky will continue to isolate from the family as has Annemarie, and Gemma will carry on the legacy of rejection and coming to terms with it if she even gets to a place of identifying it. Alana will take some comfort from the fact that her Mother wrestled her piece of the pie, My kids and Kathy’s will wonder why they were never valued as much as their cousins. And so it could go on. What a legacy our parents left by having favourites. I will never do that to my children, by the grace of God, and the sad lessons of our family. I am simply communicating with my sisters, will give a copy of this to Dad and Mum, and I will take comfort in the fact that I have a Heavenly Father who is fair and just and loving. I do pray for the final chance at us behaving like sisters should, and I will accept whatever the outcome of Scholar’s Rest and field. But never without speaking the truth. I heard recently that Mum gave Sharon stocks and shares she inherited from Fred. Kathy has some bog oak and Fiona the paltry remains of Waterford crystal. For me the Royal Albert China. Gemma and Annemarie maybe Sharon and Alana too have Mum’s jewellery most of which Dad bought her over the years. No doubt Sharon is also Mum’s preferred destination for any inheritance from Auntie Barbara. My heart hurts for Kathy and Fiona as well as myself. But no doubt they will cry JEALOUS at me and deny any rights of their own to be equally valued and acknowledged. Who knows. As Kathy would say………..ONE LOVE. I love you all ANGIE
My Father, my youngest Son and myselfMy Father, my youngest Son and myself
Where land and inheritance is worthy of the Pope kissing the groundWhere land and inheritance is worthy of the Pope kissing the ground
5 daughters…………no sons

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