VISION…………….writing it down!! (inspired by the current New York Best Seller of the same title)

Ok I can go back in and edit and expand this but I am inspired by this oldie but goodie which is to WRITE IT DOWN!
HUSBAND! I have a vision of ending my days happily married to a guy who makes me laugh, provides well for himself, his children, his fxtended family, charity and me!! A guy who loves God but is not super-religious or legalistic. A guy who loves my kids almost as much as I do. A guy who is comfortable in his own skin, strong without being domineering, A guy who is the opposite of jealous and insecure as in relaxed, trusting and confident but not a walk over…….BY 2013 and preferably before lol !!
I have a vision of 100,000 euro or more invested in to the school, church & orphanage I support with friends, in Kenya NEXT YEAR 2013
I have a vision of myself 10 stone or less, fit and toned, nose job, tummy tuck, boob realignement and face lift all successfully done and recovered from, dancing, swimming, horse riding again and having wonderful married sex ha ha!
I have a vision of my autobiography published best seller, converted into a movie, reaching out and touching millions, men and women alike, especially those who have survived sexual abuse and any mental health issues or addictions as fallout. But also those who love life and celebrate adventure and rebellion!
I have a vision of my daughter happily married to the love of her life and creating a family life she always dreamed of
I have a vision of my sons being great achievers and great providers in any career of their choice, and being great husbands and fathers
I have a vision of my extended family all 200 of them being reconciled, spirit-filled and happy
I have a vision of being a chat show host…………humour, honesty, depth, tragedy and comedy
I have a vision of reconciliation with my sisters before our parents die
I have a vision of 2 or 3 beautiful homes, one in Ireland, one in Santa Monica and one in Andalucia

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