the interview I most regret deferring My buddy MAX SPIERS

Some people gonna hate on me for publishing this….I wish it made it’s way out of the inbox
  • Angela Power-DisneyHi Max,With regard to your comment about subversive behaviour whllst interviewing you….Miles Johnston…do you mind me asking you details?Miles is due here in Ireland to interview me next weekend and I am experiencing some issues with arrangements and what seems like subtle aggression putting me on guardI don’t feel IN danger just a bit non plussed at pressure?Did you or any survivors get or seek payment for interviews given?If you don’t feel comfortable with these questions I am fine with that. I am sorry for what was done to you. Just watched your three series interview with Miles. He is a mine of information and to be saluted for the 20 something years work in the field.I am not preoccupied with the alien side of things believing them to be different rankings of fallen angels and nephilim as in Book of Enoch My Father who I believe was my handler accessed super human strength on a couple of occasions that I witnessed as a child. In Gibraltar he threw three drunk squaddies around like rag dolls when they cussed him out. It was like watching a movie. He did it another time with a boy at my 16th birthday party. My sister and I were feared wherever we went as young teens although I never had a physical fight outside of with my siblings. It was something about intimidation and flashing eyes and an internal rage that sent people even gangs running My other sister and I studied karate and our 9th dan black belt instructor used to stop us free fighting because the intensity shocked him. She was I believe traumatised at birth in the experiments seeking to break mother child bond. My Mother said they took her baby away for half an hour or so after birth and the baby they brought back was not the same baby. Later on that sister looks like my Dad’s side of the family tho not my Mum’s. Cathi Morgan suggested possibly Dad had made two women pregnant on instructions and they may have been swopped …dna would prove that as all still alive. Alternatively the baby may have been severely traumatised then handed back to Mum although that would not explain my Mother’s absolute certainty it was not her baby. Post natal depression is not activated until day 3 so that doesn’t fit eitherMum was administered extensive electro convulsive therapy in Roundway Hospital Devizes shortly after we left Rudloe Manor posting, they actually TOLD her it was to wipe memories of trauma and she agreed to it though regretted it afterwards
  • 19/05/2016 06:04Max SpiersAngela, hi how are you? I had heard through the proverbial grapevine that there was some issue between you and Christine Hart about something to do with you releasing a radio show you did with her that she wasn’t to happy about. Now I know it’s none of my business but I come to your aid to make sure you’re ok. I’ve had my fair lesmkkkkj
  • 19/05/2016 06:04Max SpiersSorry about the last sentence, my phone just had a melt down.
  • 19/05/2016 06:16Max SpiersWhat I was trying to say was. I’ve had my fair share of absolute lies put in me and it really doesn’t feel good at all. So may I ask what’s going on? What started all this BS. As far as I can see you released the radio show on YouTube and then let it lie. Why is she losing her mind over this, I’d love to know what’s going on in her head and why she is so so scared about? Wasn’t it her usual show ? Sounds fishy to me.
  • Angela Power-DisneyShe is sounding more and more like she has been paid to discredit the Hampstead Case. I have created a note and shews if with just a few people at the moment and would really like to get the courage to go public with it. She is lying on so many levels and Miles defending her has made me question his role for the first time despite many warnings from survivors ….he was inducted into the O.T.O. in Windsor Castle. …I think he said somewhere else he has visited Windsor Castle. He does filming for the elite in London can’t remember if he said the Fabien Society or similar. ..and then there is the porn question ….is it just a habit or has he been involved in filming and distribution? He disclosed to me then retracted despite much of his disclosure being confirmed with voice mails e mails etc….then he called me off my rocker….he gave me an interview about it then edited himself out of it. It makes no sense to me why he would book her for a conference and promote her work unless they are both serving the same agenda to discredit survivors….I may be wrong and hate thinking the worst of people but Christine has really done.a number on me. She sounded stupid in the show and I called her on it on air although politely. It is ego that had her kill the show then say it was because I am defaming the Hampstead father. ….something very fishy going on and she got me a copyright strike on my youtube channel which I am appealing today ….I will tag you in the note when I have added a final thread with her in which I gave her advice about stop playing with evil etc and then she regurgitated my advice on Monday show as her own revelation !! Should I publish the note or let her continue lying about me ? Your opinion would be valued after reading it
  • 19/05/2016 10:37Angela Power-DisneyAngela Power-Disney published a note.Angela Power-Disney
  • Max SpiersHi AngelaLet me have a look at the note… I know miles and her are in league together with something. Both are not the most truthful
  • 19/05/2016 21:54Max SpiersAbout a month ago she was subtly bashing me on FB and being a general unprofessional interviewer with Miles in the background feeding her lines to attempt to humiliate me. I think the porn thing runs very very deep with this and it makes me wonder how and who and what depth these people are involved in.
  • 19/05/2016 22:01Angela Power-Disney Me too. Am praying . Was confused about Miles giving such a platform last year also to Danielle ….she did some good stuff and I thought he just had a crush but wondering if an agenda operating
  • 19/05/2016 22:53Max Spiers Something IS going on. But why is she so pissed off with you about posting the show ? Let’s talk tomorrow and I’ll tell you what I know about what I know that has been going on over the last 6 months.,
  • 20/05/2016 00:40Angela Power-Disney Ok . Angela. Power1 on Skype or here ? And I don’t know why she’s so pissed off unless it’s cos she cane across badly or that she disclosed Aquino astral rape or that she said she won’t interview him or who knows but it seems like an ego trip power struggle
  • 20/05/2016 14:03Angela Power-Disney My laptop is tied up today uploading so might be better to connect tomorrow by skype if you’re still up for a chat? The more I think about it the more I think Christine is still working to discredit disclosures whether consciously or not. Miles support for her is either naive or sinister I’m unclear at this point so I definitely think it’s worth comparing notes and appreciate your direct handling of gossip and demonisation of me…wish more would handle it thst way
  • 20/05/2016 23:29Max Spiers Btw Angela.. I have your back and I’m behind you all the way Let’s talk tomorrow on Skype… I’ve got some more info for you Be safe… You’re a powerhouse and I’m proud of you ma’am.
  • 20/05/2016 23:40Angela Power-Disney Thank you so much
  • 20/05/2016 23:40Max Spiers Of course …I will tell you what I know tomorrow I’ll message u in the morning I’ll guard u ..
  • 21/05/2016 17:20Angela Power-Disney Hey Max STILL plougjing through my charitable giving since 2009 to get the hoaxsted smear campaginers off my back I definitely want to connect but can’t focus on the CHRISTINE drama until I get finished with the CHARITY drama I have to focus and finish kinda one tracked so will let you know when it is done …..I feel like the sky is falling sometimes….thanks for the support
  • 22/05/2016 09:26Max Spiers Angela, I promise you the sky ‘ain’t’ falling chicken little and try as best as you can to not be distracted by the BS that is put there TO intentionally distract you. The Miles and Christine situation will be resolved and let me tell you they are not the only ones who are involved in this that we know. I won’t name names quite yet as its not time, but rest assured when it comes to child abuse and the covering up of it and the perpetrators of it; I won’t stop until all those involved how ever small of a part they appear to play will all be exposed and arrested. There are so many question marks above certain that people. I think this whole thing including the pivotal Hampstead Heath ‘nightmare’ runs very deep and very many people are involved and some very famous names are going to pop up. Take care… Talk soon. Max.
  • 27/05/2016 17:42Angela Power-Disney confidential for now ? Talk soon I hopeAngela Power-Disney published a note.Angela Power-Disney
  • 27/05/2016 17:43Angela Power-DisneydittoAngela Power-Disney published a note.Angela Power-Disney
  • 24/06/2016 09:57Angela Power-Disney Hey Max Just to let you know you’ve been on my mind and I’m praying for you
  • 24/06/2016 09:57Max Spiers Thank you love..That means the world to me sweetheartX
  • 24/06/2016 09:58Angela Power-Disney Talk soon. You are loved
  • 24/06/2016 11:52Max Spiers Thank you sweet Angela.
  • 24/06/2016 14:31Max Spiers Ricky Gervais….Is involved. You did NOT hear it from me…George Michael
  • 24/06/2016 14:36Angela Power-Disney Totally believe on both …met George in ’70’s sad and very blackmailed …most have gone over ….David Walliams et al Almost easier to see who is NOT implicated

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