When whistleblowers get taken out….in memory of my sister

Here are two videos, one done yesterday marking what should have been my sister’s 62nd Birthday. She died in suspicious circumstances on May Day 2015 and her autopsy results and death in my opinion have been part of a COVER UP

Her Birthday sadly was the date another whistleblower was also taken out, Max Spiers and he too will never be forgotten. His Mother has done amazing work to try and investigate and find justice for her son and I pray she does. I pray also for miracles in exposing truth which any decent human being would want to do….

I made the mistake of leaving yesterday’s video open to comments for the first 24 hours and needless to say, they were despicable and brutalising. When my sister first died these lowlifes even made fake avatars using her photograph and calling her a whore and me her murderer.

The good that came out of leaving comments open was others saw a sample of these cyber terrorists perverted and evil ways and have thrown their weight behind the fight to shut them down and expose them.

Please pray for truth and justice for ALL whistleblowers who died too young too soon.

Here is video One from 5 months ago which ended abruptly with a technical hitch on my part!

and here is part TWO from yesterday

God Bless and I will do a joint June July update shortly including Yours Truly suffering a bad fall further to being administered a catastrophic anti biotic back in 2014 which has a listed side effect of causing joint blow outs!!

Much Love and prayers,


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