First draft written during elections and the Irish Awakening in 2013 in IRELAND

I yearn to be proud to be republican and half Irish no matter how and if I vote….I want to forgive my abusing forbears and create an Ireland closer to the romance that had emigrants wax lyrical yet stay far away and crooning…. I want Sinn Fein to gain integrity at least the kind I believed in folklore, at the feet of Kate and Ger, my matchmaker Maher forbears in the Glen of Aherlow…

Integrity and honour vehemently countered by the still pretending Orange
nursing similar illusions dispensed as true as mother milk…
in struggle brain-washed to a different kind of drum beat,
no better no worse just other….

I want us not to get sucked in to Establishment behaviour,
nor turn blind eyes like knowing Bishops
to shadowy Harassment from sections of humanity
deemed worthy of Authority and more…

Tho we permitted acts like that in days gone by
in name of War.
It was Intimidate or ambush Know the enemy, Endure…
Can we NOW declare we did and Trust and Pray? …

Ye evil ‘holy ones’ seduced by Lucifer
‘celibacy’ not of God but from expediency ….
Those big families we sanction are too burdensome for Rome
as a building gets another gold adornment….

NEVER rape or kill another child or grown,
nor DENIGRATE a traveller, call a Magdalene unclean
It is YOUR hands stained with blood that cannot fade…
unbearable as JUDAS in the death throes of his pain
or Pilate or the Lady of Macbeth…
tormented, disgraced for brute brutality ….or the bribes you took in secret

Shed blood DEVOID of sacrifice not innocent twas STOLEN
pours down drains as stains unceasing of despair
DEMONIC horror n’er intended yet embraced for all eternity
(9th circle, Tuam, Bohemian et al)

By some FOOLS disguised as rulers who heard piping of a demon and fell headlong into power pleasure prestige LUST immortal
screaming Lucifer this SUITS me as they realise too late….
Nay maybe not.

Run fast run far cried witching BANSHEE she of darkness
Yet Now not death but LIFE the call the cry
King that loves a fallen mystery, sees hidden ancient royalty,
forgives a weary minstrel you and I…
There is a truer Love His Name Jeshua….

Ancient sinner saint and mystic, wounded child rejected slyly
Come home ye souls Come all who heed the call of Tara….
Hills and cairns of new forgiveness, Dreams in love yet pain resisting
Fatal wounds en route all gathered in pursuit…
Chasing mists and mystic rainbows here is TRUTH

Come a Druid and a Priest, come a Shining one of Secrets,
come a Gard a Judge a warlock Politician…
But this time no lovers dying, siblings sinning, babes just lost
No crossed destinies of lovers wrong or dying or destruct….
Come there’s time to build old Ireland Tier na Og, our Camelot

Come find and meet Last King full grown MAJESTIC
Rule strong by washing of the feet, and weeping for the WEAK
and joy a daily meat with children’s’ laughter
Hold reverent your Queens
unacclaimed jewels of your here after….
lest you might lose them-…

Stand strong in LOVE til Love DIVINE comes a thunder on His horse…
Come DANCE AND PRAY ye Bride, come do your best, don’t run don’t hide,
Be brave ye WARRIORS of war, war now with PEACE
Yet terror be reserved dispensed for EVIL
Call Me first for vengeance it is METE

And WAR best now with weapons helped by angels TRUE not fallen
By the thunder of the Heavens and of GOD
Who will protect, provide and guide when counsel sought
Love not branded never owned,

He comes back and you must too or be lost as those we knew
Never ventured back or lost in pure transition…
The cry Come home Come now, My BRIDE
Come home the exile and the spy
Come find the holiest of Love, t’was PAIN obscuring..
Soul tho sold or almost sold yet least ENDURING

Come home laughing through the weeping, you are free
You trade forgiveness and receive and find your oneness…
Crowned yet barefoot known indeed you were wandering at sea
Ye hear ye know the call more ANCIENT of our Maker.

Come bride ye Queens ye warring Kings Incline an ear to ancient trees
This time the whistling cries PEACE yet not surrender..
We were won not by defeat, lack of valour or retreat
We were one by Love and chose to reign in HIM…

By hidden streams come love and live, come know new JUSTICE now
And GIVE new hearts, new starts new freedoms fiercely born of LOVE….
No shame come love, come dream again yet any SHORE is Ireland then
And now He knows His OWN ye ancient and all kin..

He knows the DARK skinned lovers too He knows a mixed skin beauty new
He bids come HOME ye hidden long beloved of old
Come soon come all the bell is SOUNDING our old wars are less astounding, Still they rise in HATE abounding Love grew cold

Yet now by wisdom strong not weak opposing fear not turning cheek
Perfect love OUTSTRIPPED the fear that ran so deep
Am I dreaming? Can you too? Can we hear the call ANEW?
Can we stand and when defeated keep on standing?

Can we fallible and few make our Ireland once more NEW
Make Great Uncle Ger and Ancients proud again?
Based on God and right and wrong not satanic clanging gong
nor the calling of the darkness dripping MONEY…

Let us pray and do our part, ‘tis better than a broken heart
Or a numbness HELTER SKELTER til we die….
Yet LIVE again
NOT reincarnate but in glory for ETERNITY

We REJECT this tainted cup of the moneylender’s sup
Secret sale of souls and thus enslaving
for 30 trillion silver still BETRAYAL
The news you dread to hear is that YOU LOSE
For ETERNITY Come sing a song of freedom.

Copyright @ Angie Power Disney edited this 18th day of February 2016


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