A hunch about FOUR ELMS…..

investigating abuse in a home in Suffolk and possible connections to PETER WRIGHTON at nearby Thornham Magna, as well as the stately home where HARVEY PROCTOR is hanging out Belvoir Castle, in Leicestershire near Grantham. with a couple whose names were featured on the JEFFREY EPSTEIN little black book of patrons of the houses of horror…..Proctor’s name also on ELM GUEST HOUSE list in Richmond……

multiple apparently random pockets of abuse all seem connected and organised in a way that was hard to grasp or imagine back then…..I was a foster carer as well as survivor, my husband at the time was a prison visitor and we used to bring kids from the home out for outings, church and so on….all went weird when a 12 year old started disclosing….I suspect a connection to an organised abuse ring, there were multiple untimely deaths connected to the home FOUR ELMS (very masonic/occultic name btw) and in researching that, came across the excerpt from the book quoted on the photo…

I gave the lead to Exaro to see if it links to Wrighton in any way as they were working on the Darren disclosures about Thornham Magna.  I will copy links to your inbox and keep me posted if you cross reference discover anything that might shed light on my trail x Should I be publicly sharing unsolved mysteries and live investigations?  Why not.  Don’t know about you but I’m not paid for this research and no vested interest other than exposing evil and understanding past injustices and STOPPING RAPE TORTURE AND MURDER OF CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE PEOPLE …..together we are many.In fact I will share the links and leads here and if anyone else wants to jump in please do.  THANK YOU FATHER GOD FOR DISPATCHING ANGELS TO PROTECT AND ASSIST EVERY WHISTLE BLOWER, INVESTIGATOR, REPORTER, SUPPORTER  AND SURVIVOR SPEAKING UP IN WORD AND DEED, DEFYING DANGER AND OVERCOMING FEAR xxx ……

My note to Exaro who broke the DARREN story about murder at Thornham Magna

re “Darren” and Thornham Magna…..

There was a #naughtyboyshome near here in Stonham Parva where I lived my ex used to volunteer visit there as well as local prisons, and we used to bring a few of them out on Sundays. One little lad 12 used to come for Sunday lunch and afternoon with us regularly and used to beg us to foster or adopt him and said he was terrified and bad things happening every night….we were blocked and kids were stopped visiting us….complaints were blocked and my foster care assessment which had been glowing carried out over 6 weeks by HARINGAY COUNCIL in London cos we fostered a child from there and due for rubber stamp approval was ‘lost’ with no copies even I didn’t make one when it was sent to me for perusal and was glowing…..

then the social worker to a different kid we were fostering who had been a great SW it seemed to the kid and to me, disappeared and we were told he was charged on Section something or other very serious and could not be contacted…new social worker undid everything he did for the youngster flourishing with us whose Father was ADMIRALTY and they forcibly removed him to a foster carer he had run away from and whose son had got him involved with drugs and stealing….he was kidnapped off us on his work placement and TERRORISED into never speaking with us again on threat of approved school and with horror stories fabricated about us….

I wonder now if the good social worker was set up or it was a lie he was in big trouble therefore could not verify care plan…..MULTIPLE sexual abuse victims in that home and parents of a child abused shot DEAD the owners of the home when their child eventually disclosed….kids SUICIDED there were like 5 or 7 ‘untimely’ deaths in a very short space of time…..I prayed for Little Steven as we called him  (we had a STEVE PAGE older lad in our circle) …..prayed daily for years after we moved out of England felt ashamed I could not grab him hide him rescue him or even get complaint addressed….whoever investigating THORNHAM MAGNA should check for links to home in Stonham. Closed since owners shot I think.





  • Angela Power-d’Isigny

    you can call me or vice versa if you wanna talk if any links


  • ExaroNews

    Thanks Angela,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, we are working through very diverse leads and information at the moment…

    What was the address of the home in Stonham? Was the shooting covered in the papers at the time and what year, roughly, do you think it happened? Could you recall the name of the Admiralty man?

    It would be good to talk further if you can – either with me or with my colleague Tim who led on the Thornham Magna story, but if he is not in office when you call then I’ll liaise with him either way.

    All the best,


    Exaro News



    ExaroNews: Investigative journalism and analysis | ExaroNews

    www.exaronews.comFormer Conservative MP Harvey Proctor today denied that he went to “sex parties”. He confirmed that police turned up at his house yesterday with a search warrant, as revealed by Exaro.






  • Angela Power-d’Isigny

    Hi Alex


    Yes many incidents were in the papers not sure which tho EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES is local.  separate incidents untimely deaths etc all made press such as TEENS KILLED JOY RIDING etc and I recall seeing photo with article about double murder of owners




  • ExaroNews

    Hi Angela, many thanks for writing – hope the questions help? We have pockets of info in different locations, so can’t pretend specialist knowledge on Suffolk and it’d be helpful if you can guide us any further.. it would be good to know what it was called, the address and approx year. And the names of any individuals you remember. Hope you can help- really appreciate it.

    All best,


  • Angela Power-d’IsignyI left Stonham in 1996 and a social worker supposed independent complaints investigator actually flew to Ireland to review my complaints then discredited me and validated social services actions which I thought was simply unjust but now suspect was complicit.  The admiralty man’s son who was placed with me we called PASTY JON we had nicknames or the kids did I was a safe haven for many teenagers for years but I will have to do some work to recall his surname it all sounds suspicious with hindsight his Mother was in a mental hospital having cut all her hair off in an attempt to corroborate a story of having cancer which apparently was not true.  The boy placed with me aged about 13 or 14 had burned both his legs with a lighter but the school accepted his cover that it was accidental with a bunson burner as did social worker until Jonathan told me truth…..I had no idea his Dad was Admiralty until he freaked out about me having had approval to bring Jonathan to Ireland for a weekend in June 1996……all of a sudden the social worker who approved the trip is gone, I am informed Jonathan is being removed from my care, and then my foster carer assessment disappears and I am discredited supposedly because the Admiralty guy thinks his son might be a kidnap risk by IRA in republic of Ireland…..that could be plausibly possible but with hindsight the stitch up and disappearance of paperwork etc then intimidation of Jonathan seems not just personal but general practise at that time 


  • Angela Power-d’IsignyThe home was on the main road going through Stonham Parva near a pub called THE MAGPIE with a sign across the road I kept all paperwork from this time but put the sad memories behind me a bit as I moved OUT of England despairing of it back thenit was called FOUR ELMS





  • Angela Power-d’Isignysorry tried to load a page about PIN DOWN restraint practise anyway go to google images search Suffolk child abuse or similar loads of fantastic pages there 



  • Angela Power-d’Isigny

    “In November 2012, the BBC reported that Lawrence McLean, who stayed at Four Elms as a child, was seeking compensation from Suffolk Council for the years of abuse he suffered.

    He said at weekends children at the home were lined up and taken into a van where they were sexually assaulted.

    He said if any children refused, they were given whisky to get them drunk.

    Mr McLean said he was also forced to perform acts in the bed of Victor Copperman, who was once an officer in charge at the home.

    An internal Suffolk County Council report in 2010 found that  Mr McLean had been “controlled by staff at Four Elms, scary games had been played… and he had been taken into the officer in charge’s bed”. The report concluded: “There is a substantial body of recording of the view by professionals that Lawrence McLean had been psychologically and sexually abused during the period of his residence at Four Elms.” The report recommended that Mr Mclean deserved an apology from the council and be paid £6,500 compensation.

    Suffolk County Council refused to apologise and offered him £200 and six counselling sessions.”




  • Angela Power-d’Isigny“Stonham Parva is just a few miles from the village of Eye in Suffolk, where Lord Henniker’s estate is located. This is where childcare expert and network paedophile Peter Righton and his partner were invited to stay after Righton’s conviction for importing child pornography. Islington Council sent children to Henniker’s estate for years under a scheme called the Islington Suffolk Project.   Source:  Country house hideaway of disgraced care chief” 



  • Angela Power-d’Isigny





  • Angela Power-d’Isigny

    AND ELECTRIC SHOCKS ALSO USED AFTER ABUSE…I am not sure if these were in use in Four Elms but aware such techniques were used since the ’50’s at least as I am a survivor of military mkultra from infancy with my Father in the British Air Force


    I was known and respected by Suffolk Council as a foster carer and advocate for teens and all was good until this ADMIRALTY Father had a freak out and also I started making enquiries and complaints about FOUR ELMS


    all of a sudden persona non grata and they were relieved I left the country?




  • Angela Power-d’Isigny





    spotlightonabuse.wordpress.comspotlight on abuse: the past on trial






  • Angela Power-d’Isigny

    “Operation Orchid received tip-offs that there was a satanic connection to their investigation, but the detectives could find no corroborative evidence. “We progressed as far as we could, but we could not prove it” says Roger Stoodley. “We were busy on other things and it fell by the wayside.”

    I suspect that one day police will uncover evidence that will substantiate the claims that satanists are a feature of that paedophile network.

    The cult behind the paedophile sex ring is called Scorpio. That name is the common denominator: it is being disclosed by children throughout the country.

    The significance of that clue has been overlooked by parents who have been told by their children that they are “scorpios”. In one case, involving two small London children, the mother laughed when her son and daughter both insisted on identifying themselves by that name. She told them they had got their birth signs mixed up, and she informed them that they were born under different signs. She did not know that the two children were struggling to find words to reveal to their mother that they had been initiated into a black magic coven by their father.

    That mother carries a heavy feeling of guilt, but she is not to blame. No-one had alerted her to the evil that is preying on children in our society. It as not until she had been placed in contact with other parents whose children had fallen foul of Scorpio that she realised that on the lips of her two children was the clue to a living nightmare.

    Unwittingly, that particular mother may possess vital clues to the identities and locations of East London members of Scorpio. Her husband, before being locked up for assaulting her, asked his wife to hide an atlas of Britain and a street map of London. When she examined the maps, she found that they contained marks that identified names and streets which had no significance to the family……




“The mother fled from London in 1989, after her children had disclosed what had happened to them in public parks in the dead of night. A year later, London detectives tried to track her down, to obtain those maps. She has refused to hand them over. She is reluctant to co-operate with the police because, in the past, every time she sought the help of detectives, she was made to feel guilty for her children’s disclosures.

I find myself in a similar situation, having fallen foul of the legal system. This now inhibits me from disclosing all the facts known to me about the London fund. The police have asked to interview me, but if I were to discuss everything I know, I would be liable to go to gaol.

But I can say that the police are on the right track. Scorpio is a paedophile-based network. A sophisticated organisation exists to handle money that is being gathered from boys around the country and placed in bank accounts. The network can tap those funds to pay for the boys’ upkeep when they are whisked away to London.

I fear that the police will fail to solve all the child murders until they begin to explore the satanic tentacles of the sex rings that are behind the disappearance of boys from their homes.

But it would be wrong if public attention were to be directed exclusively at those children who succeed in boarding trains bound for London’s King’s Cross or Paddington Stations. I would like to pause, for a moment, to emphasise that other children are also being “lost” to us even while they remain with their families. That tragedy is a by-product of the social conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.”

Extract from Chasing Satan: An investigation into Satanic crimes against children, by Dianne Core, founder of Childwatch




  • you can give me a credit in the bi lines lol ! 

    seriously tho we can set up a Skype interview which I will give you permission to publish let me just take a couple days to pull my docuents from that time….ANGIE










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  1. i lived at four elms for 10 months a year before the killings the place was under investigation at the time but i believe things were still happening till i left
    in the time i was there 2 girls who obviously saw something were locked in their room and taken away the following morning by social workers
    the place was weird i have been researching it for a few years now as still don’t know the full extent of what happened.
    i’ve been in touch with a few people from when i was their who have said it was a really bad dark place i remember everyday of my stay like it was yesterday.
    i was fortunate that i wasn’t subject to sexual abuse but have been mentally scared by my experience at four elms school.
    the post code for the place is IP14 5LB also know names of a good few people that were their…..even thou they were shot dead by dee justice still hasn’t been achieved for the vile acts that were carried out by visiting parties,there is a lot more investigation work ahead for me and hope to find all in connection

    1. Really touched to hear from someone who was there….still looking for a lad we called LITTLE STEVEN around 1994 I think….keep me posted on any updates it haunts me xx

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