An International Incident! #Lithuanian Survivors Disclose with #C.I.A. involvement


Hi Friends,

Sorry for the gap in posting. I had to renew my annual security certificate, thanks to those who helped! And ALSO my brave assistant Aaron finally went public with his own survival testimony, along with his sister back home in Lithuania. Neither has disclosed publically to date.

As survivors, we anticipate some push back after disclosure, usually outweighed by incredible empathy and support. The backlash in this case resulted in Aaron and his partner having to go into hiding for a few days at the suggestion of the police, who took the death threats seriously and are conducting an investigation along with the C.I.A. and Interpol

Please continue to pray for Aaron and Elena….especially Elena who currently is still embroiled in a domestic violence situation…anybody who has worked with DV survivors knows it can take up to five attempts to successfully escape to safety and de program from years of mind control as well as physical brutality

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Angie and Aaron xx