#ChasingRainbows from the archives

Hello Friends !

I went to search for this dvd made around 2009 and could not find it! It was my debut online not intended for fame or glory, just a desperate attempt to avoid suicide, after the first court case taken within my extended family

The perpetrator, an ex brother in law, was found guilty of child abuse of my niece, having confessed in a video interview that caught him off guard, years after the abuse.

My family however, decided to SUPPORT the self confessed paedophile, and mount a narrative of myself having coached my niece into disclosing!

NOT AT ALL TRUE ….she disclosed years after the abuse because she randomly discovered her Uncle had been living with a singlke parent who had an impressionable 12 year old daughter…the woman finished the relationship because she said my ex brother in law acted more like a boyfriend to her daughter than her. He also ran up thousands in gambling debts on her credit card

This was enough for my niece to realise HE WAS STILL A PREDATOR.

My ex brother in law was convicted on his own confessions, was sentenced to SIX YEARS jail, and outed locally including in the NEWSPAPERS because my niece waived anonymity in order to name him. HOWEVER, because MY FAMILY including my sister who had been married to him, and the local CATHOLIC PRIEST, as well as my PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY parents all supported the paedophile and asserted it was a ONE OFF ………….his sentence was SUSPENDED and the Judge ILLEGALLY declined putting him on the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER. Nor did my niece’s legal team advise her that this was illegal. Nor did they assist her in gaining any kind of compensation. It was a travesty

TRIGGER WARNING ….I got responses from all over the world to this dvd. It was edited as a school project by a gifted 15 year old who now years later works in the film industry

If you can support our work, please drop a donation on the gofundme. This dvd could not be monetised because of some of the music used in the editing. If you need to pace yourself as a survivor in viewing it, please do so, and have a support person watch with you if possible.


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love as always,

Angie and Aaron xx