August Update Remembering the Hampstead & Anglesey cases

Hi Friends,

Alisa and Gabriel will be 18 and 17 next year, 2023

For any familiar with deprogramming from severe, trauma-based mind control, you will know it often takes decades to fully remember and DISCLOSE. For myself, I was 43 although I had leaked information and memories for decades before. I got funding and crew for a play I wrote at University of Warwick in 1978 about at least some of my abuse and the extent of involvement in the generations. Sadly, I lost my courage and was not far enough along my healing path at that time to go public. The overwhelming feeling was of not wanting to bring SHAME on my family.

However, Alisa and Gabriel, let us not forget, went public aged EIGHT AND NINE!! Let us pray they find the strength to do so again, once liberated from the cult. Your prayers are hugely coveted.

We shine a light also again on THE ANGLESEY CASE where a young boy is re captured and his poor Mother serving 15 years in jail for trying to rescue him. This is indeed HAMPSTEAD 2.0 and if we reflect on the injustice of the HOLLIE GREIG CASE this would be the third, horrendous cover up of organised child rape and trafficking in the UK in recent decades

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