Vital #Hampstead Archives of Disclosure!

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It has grieved me ongoingly that the only remaining material online seems to be the POLICE DISCLOSURES of the amazing Hampstead Whistle blower children from 2014…..

As important as the police, alleged RETRACTION videos were, not least because the SOURCE of them going online has never been identified, the bottom line is and always has been for me, THE CHILDRENS’ ORIGINAL DISCLOSURES raw and unedited, up to 34 clips from Morocco and on return to the UK were the most telling! Also the JEAN CLEMENT extended video which has been hard to locate. Jean Clement is a brother in law of Abraham, a Special Constable at the time with the Metropolitan Police, who took an extensive disclosure from Abraham and the children, on their return from Morocco to London.

Many of the ORIGINAL disclosure videos are on my BITCHUTE herein, and more are being added, including the Jean Clement recordings. At the time, Abraham was furious at the Jean Clement recordings being released, but we all need to make sacrifices of ego for the greater good, and the sake of the children??

You can also locate the interview of the Hampstead Childrens’ Russian grandparents on Archives Of Truth… is unfortunate with hindsight that this interview was conducted by MI5 BELINDA McKENZIE but take the best, and leave the rest!!

MOST of the original disclosure videos can be seen on the TINY channel of CORY HAMBY in his 5 hour documentary on the case, recorded on 9/11 2021…. please check out and subscribe to his channel HERE!!

IF YOU HAVE THE VIDEO OF THE JEAN CLEMENT FULL RECORDING Please contact us and we will put it out on multiple platforms THANK YOU! Here is a clip …..

Here is a one hour plus video of the ORIGINAL DISCLOSURE TESTIMONIES these are crucially important PLEASE SHARE, DOWNLOAD etc!

Many researchers worldwide are only now hearing about the biggest cover up in the UK for decades, if not centuries. On a par with the FRANKLIN COVER UP, the EPSTEIN COVER UP, the JIMMY SAVILE cover up and so on…..please share this as widely as you can, and feel free to mirror any and all of our work

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