#ArthurKatoul catch up on #Hampstead

Hi Friends and please forgive me for being mostly offline for a few weeks. I am restructuring and regrouping along with Aaron! We have managed weekly work sessions behind the scenes but very little uploading due to multiple reasons and issues which are almost resolved!

Arthur is and always was a colourful and controversial character in the fight to save the Hampstead Children. Many characters put their proverbial asses on the line because quite frankly for most people, the work of exposing the alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse cult in Hampstead, London was too dang dangerous!!

The campaigner who paid perhaps the highest price to date, Sabine McNeill, a disabled lady in her 70’s, has only JUST been released from a UK jail after serving more than four years. She has had to leave the UK after decades of residency and return to the relative safety of Berlin, Germany. Many others served time in prison, or as in the cases of Arthur and Jake, John Paterson and others, in psychiatric secure units against their will! Which makes the severe trolling and reputation destruction suffered by myself and others pale in comparison…

Arthur and I had planned an informal zoom catch up, but ever full of surprises, he says RECORD RECORD RECORD ha ha! He could at least have given me time to put my lippy on!

Also just to say threats and real life interference trolling has escalated as the Hampstead Case is once again rising to the surface and featuring on many platforms…..a youngster recently told me they saw one of Alyssa’s disclosure videos on TIK TOK!

Alyssa will be 18 next year and Gabriel the year after. I feel sure this is why an attempt is being made to put Ella the Mother behind bars, as she firmly believes the children will break free again once of age to do so. Please continue to pray for this to be the case.

So here is the recent catch up with Arthur. Something that stood out for me, was his confirmation that both Arthur and Danielle La Verite had been trolled by Ricky Dearman BEFORE the video releases in late 2014 and February 2015 when they went viral worldwide….the trolling according to Arthur in this interview was connected to the dark world of PORNOGRAPHY. This had been hinted at by Max Spiers, myself, Tere Joyce and others ….and PROVEN in the amazing research done by Jesus who sadly seems to have gone off radar again.

It seems as fast as we gather evidence in support of the childrens’ testimonies, the evidence is hidden or scrubbed from the internet and the whistleblowers and researchers silenced.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, keep praying, keep doing whatever you can and NEVER GIVE UP until the children are free, not just Alyssa and Gabriel but trafficked children worldwide! Thank you to those who have supported front line campaigners including myself for years now. We all can do SOMETHING!

Angie and Aaron xx