The O.T.O and their hidden operatives….#JamesHind #ReeceLeverick #AndrewPRoss etc with #LukeMcKee

I am finally submitting to another COLONOSCOPY tomorrow having dodged the two yearly appointments since my catastrophic bowel resection at the MATER HOSPITAL in 2014

All will probably be fine but in case NOT, please know I love you all and appreciate the amazing support over the past decade of activism and campaigning to make this a safer world for CHILDREN

I especially want to thank my amazing assistant Aaron, who has worked tirelessly with me for almost two years for little financial return but a deep and profound knowledge that we are on the right side of history, and DOING THE RIGHT THING

This is my latest interview with maverick genius Luke McKee and please especially check out that attached videos also

Luke is predictably heavily shadow banned on the internet. Aaron and I have been unable to EMBED his links on my blog, but if you watch the main video actually on YOUTUBE, the links in the description box WORK!

I am getting severe backlash for supporting Luke in his exposure of the ORDO TEMPLARE ORIENTIS based on the satanic work of Alaistair Crowley including being hammered on twitter, losing my main twitter account, getting my gofundme frozen although now restored, having my children and grandchildren attacked etc

Please DO support the work if you are able, and please DO continue to pray for ALL frontline advocates for children as this is a real life war and they REALLY DO want our children and grandchildren!

God bless as always, this is the gofundme link now re verified despite multiple attacks…any support you can give is hugely appreciated

Love as always and prayers appreciated especially for hospital tomorrow!

Angie and Aaron