#FreeSABINE! Campaigners being imprisoned and sectioned left and right!

An urgent blog as the latest in a long line of campaigners and whistleblowers, especially around the HAMPSTEAD SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE CASE has been REMANDED TO PRISON pending a hearing next year for allegedly breaching an unlawful gagging order!

Jake and Arty were both maliciously sectioned after whistle blowing and campaigning especially about this case. Rupert is still languishing in jail, an American youtuber and citizen journalist who travelled to London to do a documentary about the case…he was shockingly sentenced to NINE MONTHS IMPRISONMENT in Wandsworth Jail after being effectively a political prisoner with his passport confiscated for a year before the trial at Southwark Crown Court. C.W. akd J.F. is still being hounded and gang stalked despite leaving the UK to whistle blow safely, Belinda, Neelu, Lee many others have been arrested and had computers phones and evidence confiscated as well as being severely traumatised. I despite living outside of the UK have had my reputation destroyed online and offline with a tactical smear campaign that was out of control and vicious beyond description. And SABINE KURJO McNEILL a 73 year old, disabled but FEARLESS and GENIUS campaigner has been arrested 8 or more times culminating in this latest dastardly move of remanding her to prison pending trial WITH BAIL SET AT AN OUTRAGEOUS 20,000 POUNDS STERLING!

Not forgetting sterling Childrens Home Survivor MELANIE SHAW in prison and mostly solitary confinement for telling the truth about abuse and murder at BEECHCROFT….and poor SUSANNE KELLNER JOHNSTON, tortured, degraded and sectioned by corrupt Mental Health for whistleblowing and helping others detox from the horrific BIG PHARMA medication regimes forced on whistleblowers ….if I have left anyone out please forgive me! We also should not forget YOLANDE KENWARD, also maliciously sectioned multiple times and also gangstalked almost to death. And Northern Ireland Campaigner TRACEY MORRIS, who brought to light with proof the person who first released the testimony videos of Gabriel and Alissa online…this brave man gave a statement of that truth to the police which set Sabine free in a past attempt at maliciously arresting her and then had to go in to hiding, we have DEBORAH MAHMOUDIEH much maligned online and driven almost to the point of death for her audacity as a survivor in daring to educate herself and campaign so OTHER CHILDREN would not have to suffer in childhood as she did ….the list sadly is almost limitless and THIS HAS TO STOP!!

Amazingly, campaigners almost destroyed by DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactics and worn down by the apparent lack of progress in getting A FULL AND FAIR INVESTIGATION into the grave allegations made by Gabriel and Alissa in September 2014, have rallied together to raise the bail money needed to get Sabine OUT OF JAIL at least for now and back on her crucial pain management and medical regimes which make her life just about bearable. 5,000 was SabineĀ“s own life savings….other donors have come forth with anything from 20 pounds to 5,000 and all monies will be documented by the legal team and refunded as soon as bail is returned at trial. THIS IS AN ENCOURAGING BREAKTHROUGH and as I write there is still a shortfall of over 2,000 pounds. To have crowd funded 18,000 in just a few days is remarkable and hugely significant in the fight back to re gain control of the Judicial System in the UK and further afield. The goal is to have Sabine free in 2 or 3 days by Thursday 13th or Friday 14th December at the latest.

If you would like to help us get over the line at least for now, here are the details as organised by Belinda and sponsored by so many in such an outpouring of kindness and generosity
“For anyone wanting to help raise the last couple of thousand of 20 to get Sabine out of jail here are the bank details And Dear #God please dispatch internet angels to protect against any with nefarious intent!!
National Westminster Bank Account Sabine McNeill sort-code 60-14-37 A/C 58619860 Ref. Sabine AM (your initials)
Bic NWBKGB2L Iban GB72NWBK60143758619860
Sabine, 73 and disabled, is remanded at HMP Bronzefield until and unless 20 grand bail raised and her prisoner number is A8115EC. You can e mail her through a service called emailaprisoner.com”

I add here also a video from a PREVIOUS small but heartfelt protest when Sabine was arrested and conveniently held for a bank holiday weekend in Holborn Police Station ….there are many more videos with Sabine on my youtube channel Angela Power Disney in a playlist called THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP …if you have time and want to know more about this alleged hoax which is generating such draconian measures by the establishment in an attempt to keep the lid on it ….do listen to that playlist.

Otherwise I post daily on facebook and others have their various ways of staying in touch so may this herald a breakthrough in the pursuit of justice and A SAFE WORLD FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN for whom Sabine and so many have dedicated decades and risked everything including their health and freedom

I actually cannot find that video outside Holborn so Belinda if you have it somewhere do let me know but here is a panel we did just after Sabine was released the LAST time whe was arrested

And another video worth watching from the early days of this nightmare where Sabine and I talk in depth about the case

or in this format….you may need to copy and paste into youtube search to view as censorship is running rampant over there too!

Kind Regards and do please share this blog far and wide….INFORMATION IS POWER and this information has already gone global but we need RESOLUTION and a reversal of this insance persecution of those fighting for justice for children everywhwere


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