#Hampstead, #Neelu & #MKUltra

June 2021 Update - BlackPill

Hi Friends,

Making an effort to regularly update my blog…there were almost 2,000 views in one day on May 17th and I haven’t figured out WHY yet, but THANK YOU to all who visit here!

It is costly to maintain a website with fees for platform and hosting and security etc, but I believe it is worthwhile. If videos are banned from youtube, my assistant and I post them on bitchute or Archives of Truth or even Vimeo, so that at least the blog will contain the truth! Thank you to especially the few monthly supporters who help me keep multiple platforms open, operating and professional! Many attempts to take down my blog have failed, and we are almost at the million view milestone!!!

Here is one from the archives ! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the associate archive channel Archives of Truth from which this video is featured (watch on youtube)

Many of these archive videos got my main channel taken down so my assistant and I are delighted to have found a way to bring them back to the public. Some are on my bitchute, but you will know this does not have as much traffic as blogs, youtube, facebook etc.

As always, if you can support our work, please drop a donation in the gofundme. I reached my goal of 6 thousand which was meant to be annual but took 20 months. I am still grateful as this allowed us to keep a public profile. The target has been increased to cover the coming year.


Love as always, onwards and upwards, which includes that we DO NOT FORGET the Hampstead Whistleblowers xx

Angie and Aaron