HAMPSTEAD with COMMENTARY ..the hill upon which I am willing to DIE

Hi Friends

I think I have long been willing to die for the truth…something I believe God showed me in 2014 after I had miraculous healing from what was believed to be END STAGE OVARIAN CANCER was that ANYBODY can die for a cause, but God was looking for people who would LIVE and not die, and declare the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ as HE undertook miracles on our behalf

This is probably my most improtant video of 2020 thus far

It contains some uncomfortable truths but truth nonetheless

I implore you to get right with God, put your house in order as we all need to do in these days, and HELP ALISA, GABRIEL, THE 20 SPECIAL CHILDREN and children worldwide trapped in these horrors

love always


And if you can help financially without hardship please do http://paypal.me/AngelaPowerDIsney