January Update #BREAKING NEWS on Hampstead

This is my January update which includes 4 of six sections of audio interviews with an international expert on Parental Alienation who was consulted with 4 others on THE HAMPSTEAD CASE by Scotland Yard

Please share this, pray for all concerned especially THE CHILDREN and contact me if you have further evidence or information

In the event that these videos are taken down or banned by youtube please subscribe to this blog or stay in touch via facebook https://www.facebook.com/powerdisney
as I will re upload them to VIMEO and STEEMIT …praying however this will NOT be the case!

The currently UNLISTED links to the audio brainstorming sessions are in the description box of the video if you view it actually on YOUTUBE ….

The youtube channel is my smaller second one, although it features some past work on the HAMPSTEAD CASE. You can also find extensive interviews on my main channel ANGELA POWER DISNEY

Your ongoing prayers and support are appreciated


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