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Hi Friends,

In light of much skilled, online propaganda, and the unfolding mainstream media psy op, disguised as alternative media and known as #TortoiseMedia, we have had multiple requests to bring forward again our research on the ultimate KAREN and her husband’s reputation rescue company!

Credit for impeccable research goes to many including Hope Girl, Cat Scott, Jesus of Fraud & Corruption UK etc and PLEASE take the time to watch this panoply of video info & articles on same!! This is the same woman who was mobilised to discredit the Hollie Greig case, the Canadian indigenous survivor cases, and so on. She also boasts previous experience in social work, psycho therapy and astrology and PLEASE read her trilogy under pen name Katy Klein which is very telling! Karen also worked closely with UK Barrister Sarah Phillimore who specialised in taking cases for seizing children on behalf of the Social Services. Karen wrote a paper on ADOPTION this all adds up People, for those with the time to go down the rabbit hole

Karen as in KAREN ha ha is a self endorsed prima donna star of the latest, disguised mainstream media hoax called HOAXED, Tortoise Media, despite having announced her alleged retirement over a year ago`.

Please also research the ART WORK of Karen’s sister, her brother in law’s connections to Hampstead Christchurch and their hosting of satanic plays and bands THIS IS A VERITABLE RABBIT HOLE worthy of investigation.

Let the evidence speak for itself!

Articles by https://whoishoaxteadkarenirving.home.blog/author/targetedindividual77/ :

What you Need to Know About Karen Irving of Hoaxtead. My Full Testimony.

Hoaxtead, Tavistock and Karen Irving Background Research on a Government Trolling Operation.

Videos from my archives:

Seriously People, if you count yourself a journalist, a researcher or a truth seeker, PLEASE make the time to ruminate and study this blog xx

If you want or can support my platform please do, but NEVER confuse this with grifting on child abuse….we are survivors ourselves and pursue integrity beyond popularity every time xx


love as ALWAYS from Angie and Aaron!! xx