#MelaniaTrump Please help #EllaGareeva ? #Hampstead #KarenIrving Why has MSM gone crazy?? Cover Up Phase Two

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Due to censorship, we had to diversify the platforms holding evidence, between vimeo, bitchute, Archives of Truth etc. So the blog hopefully is a centralised hub with working links! Please pray for its continued safety online.

Here is the startling response to our tiny platform re entering into the public evidence domain, the scrubbed, original disclosure videos of the Hampstead Children from back in 2014: Talk about a frantic, knee jerk reaction!! One recalls infamous msm interviews as in Prince Andrew, Ricky Dearman etc

Here AGAIN is the link to 21 of the original disclosures of which I recall there were 34. Perhaps the Mother Ella or ex boyfriend Abraham, alleged by Tortoise Media to be back in the UK have the other clips? Regardless, the disclosures need a severe TRIGGER WARNING and I still defy anyone to coach or torture children into such cohesive and corroborative testimonies


THIS WAS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA PANIC RESPONSE TO THE RE PUBLICATION!! Please take the time to look at these links and the DATES as response to our modest blog on September 21st! And please SHARE these blogs and this lost information THANK YOU

22 Sep 2022
Tortoise Media HOAXED 3 podcasts by Alexi Mostrous:
The Guardian by Stefano Montali:
Hoaxed: a podcast investigation of Hampstead satanic paedophile ring , which doesn’t exist
The London Press by “Tom” (Stefano Montalli’s article agin):
Hoaxed: a podcast investigation of Hampstead’s satanic paedophile ring – which doesn exist
23 Sep 2022
Daily Mail by Alexi Mostrous:
The Hampstead sex cult hoax: How parents and children at a cosy prep school in the affluent suburb fell victim to a heinous campaign of lies and intimidation . all orchestrated by a school-gate mother deranged by divorce
24 Sep 2022
Daily Mail by Alexi Mostrous:

The Hampstead Sex Cult Hoax
MEAWW.COM by Divya Kishore, praising Alexi Mostrous:
How ‘Satanic sex cult’ hoax started by one woman terrorized parents and children at primary school
Daily Star by Ethan Blackshaw:
Posh Hampstead parents accused of having sex cult with children and drinking their blood
26 Sep 2022
Mirror by Ethan Blackshaw:
Wealthy parents accused of starting sex cult with kids in wild conspiracy theory
6 Oct 2022
METRO by Sarah Ingram (“poor Karen was under attack”):
Ed Note: for who “POOR KAREN” really is, see previous blog!!!!!
“It was the most terrifying experience”: One woman’s fight to debunk rumors of a Satanic sex cult in suburbia
7 Oct 2022
The Times by James Marriott:

“Hoaxed podcast review – the evil Hampstead cult that never was”
9 Oct 2022
SCREENSHOT Media by Charlie Sawyer:

 “Satanic rituals, sexual abuse and beheadings: Introducing the Hampstead hoax conspiracy theory”

FFS as they say!! ELEVEN almost identical articles in LOCKSTEP across fake stream media!!

I myself did a year post grad training with Maurice Sweeney of THE IRISH TIMES but he would turn in his grave at this blatant propaganda and cover up

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and PRAY for the innocent children caught up in this global cover up of abuse and trafficking…it really BEGGERS BELIEF!!

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