#RitualAbuse case emerging in #Glasgow

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There is another credible satanic ritual abuse case being exposed in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND which has had SOME media coverage but maybe not enough? It SHOCKS me that these alleged ritual abusers are ON BAIL until September 2023!!

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I actually wonder if THIS CASE is one of the reasons that fake alternative media outlets like TORTOISE, (and GB NEWS as in mainstream trying to pretend to be alternative lol do the RESEARCH!!) with investors connected with Davos, Wall Street and the BBC, are RE SUBMITTING THE DEBUNKING NARRATIVE on the infamous HAMPSTEAD CASE a la painful Dearman and Derbyshire moody psy op interview, similar to Prince Andrew’s disaster as in I DO NOT SWEAT a la I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN the Bill Clinton cringe denial

I was shocked recently at an interview with a Jewish former intelligence operator, who said Monica Lewinski’s Father was an intelligence operative who willingly offered his daughter up to be a HONEY TRAP for sex addict CLINTON


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