The NHS Doctor and the Crypto Ponzi Scam!

Hello Peeps and THANK YOU for the phenomenal views and hits on this blog!

I have resisted for weeks posting ALL the videos I made of EVIDENCE of being scammed by someone pertaining to be a British National Health Service Consultant including overseeing a unit in a hospital about 70 miles from Burton on Trent, and also alleging to be a Prison Visiting Consultant writing PRESCRIPTIONS

How then can such a pillar of the community have a SIDE LINE in recruiting people including the disabled, into a crypto ponzi scheme that lost my son and I almost 5,000 dollars???

This woman claimed to` be an ex POLICE SURGEON and also having administered BOTOX privately aside from her alleged career. She also claimed to be an anti FLUORIDE campaigner who stopped a county in the UK from fluoridisation etc …..I have believed her for 7 years online until she scammed my son and I out of thousands and THEN BLOCKED US!

So, trigger warning, the following videos contain much personal information but sometimes disclosure of personal messages and entrapment are JUSTIFIED

It was CHALLENGING to say the least, to upload all these documented, evidence videos! I am starting to suspect this pillar of the community character actor is MI5 on a level with Belinda Mackenzie!!! I MIGHT BE WRONG but flippin Nora!!!

The main point I want to make is THIS IS AN ABC of how NOT to get scammed in the crypto world and an attempt to get refunds and justice not just for myself, but for my beautiful, youngest son and his partner as they launch out into life with a new baby, and least needing to be scammed by an unscrupulous, apparent facebook ‘friend’

THIS IS A DEEP DIVE MIGHT TAKE YOU A WEEK but this is how they do it !

Here is my support platform if you can help in any way!

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Angie and Aaron xx