#thefield in modern day Ireland

Hi Friends and THANK YOU for the thousands of views since we crossed the million rubicon!

From a very young child, I was enchanted with the world of film, theatre and literature!

In all honesty, journalism was only ever a back up plan which my Mother insisted on ….a second string to my bow in light of the unpredictability of the world of arts! I wanted to go off to the Bristol Old Vic whilst my Mother insisted I apply myself to commerce and typing and even shorthand ha ha!

I envisage a second film or script of THE FIELD, the famous play by Irishman John B. Keane but I may be just dreaming again xx

Five Tara Like Anglo Irish Queen daughters thrust into nefarious mkultra programes since conception, whilst my Father participated in the British Royal Air Force for 25 years, frantically keeping that secret from his ostensibly Irish, Catholic Republican family born out of good stock in the Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary!

Anyway, my Father died in July this year aged 95, and left his remaining estate including an almost 4 acre field between his four surviving daughters who WAR against each other….Share and share alike is actually written in the will, left to two friends of my parents now in their 70’s to EXECUTE!! They are either fellow conspirators or befuddled at the hot potato that has landed in their laps

The more cognisant of the septogenarians claims he never knew he had been selected as EXECUTOR of my Father’s will, which astounds me….surely one has to get permission to elect executors??

Anyway, I am working to avoid the easy option of passing the buck to legal bodies thus putting everything into PROBATE which can lock shit up for years and benefit the LEGAL TEAM and associated professionals leaving only crumbs from the table to the original, warring beneficiaries

Herewith my video documentation thus far, and for those who pray, PLEASE PRAY! For those who PLAGIARISE, eff off ha ha!

This is an ongoing but hopefully NOT a never ending story…the land is sacred particularly to the Irish, but I am trying not to idolise it…..I am currently tempted to bloom where I am planted on an award winning, council estate which was donated by the church and the local politician, Michael Lynch, formerly known as THE PRIEST’S FIELD! We have plenty of land in the common areas, and if the going gets tough, we could come together as a community and surely GROW FOOD??

When my country neighbour and I first got tamed into town living, we brought our livestock with us….I grazed my beautiful mare on the green when the children went to school, and my neighbour put out her pet lambs also…in danger of seeming like FINGLAS with horses roaming free, we were roundly chastised by the COUNCIL and neighbours writing in that we were BONKERS ha ha ha fond memories!

If you can support my work, it is much appreciated. This inheritance is in danger of going in to years long probate, and my attempts to sell everything including my home have STALLED!! I DID pray to God to open doors that can’t be shut, and SHUT doors that can’t be opened so I am just trusting God day to day whilst holding my financial breath and FREEZING cold aged 65 and all alone!!

THIS SONG, although I long ago renounced witchcraft, yet speaks to my soul and I hope it empowers you too…..my hair is not only uncut but I am letting go of the colour too xx

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Angie and Aaron xx