#Hoaxed An Australian English Teacher Reviews…Parts One & Two

Hi Friends and THANK YOU for the awesome sharing going on of this blog!

VERY early on in the disclosure of the Hampstead Children videos, a private facebook research group established that we needed to go international in exposing satanic ritual abuse, to prevent whistle blowers being targeted and silenced country by country

Alison Aitken is an English school teacher who found herself with TIME on her hands during the covey lockdown….and fell down the rabbit hole of researching child abuse…THANK GOD!

I have had it on my long finger TO DO list to review the abhorrent HOAXED podcast series of six, another Victoria Derbyshire type attempt to cover up the HAMPSTEAD CASE a la establishment a la BBC….I HAVE all six saved and happy to pass on, but have found myself unable or at best RELUCTANT to re traumatise myself as a survivor. There are so many inconcistencies, misrepresentations, lies and narrative spins that I just find it TOO MUCH

Fortunately, Alison is NOT a survivor of ritual abuse and IS an intelligent, objective reviewer and as such, we will mirror her work on ARCHIVES OF TRUTH channel and my BitChute ……please go to Alison’s tiny channel, SUBSCRIBE and follow!

Please view my latest gofundme UPDATE for details on the scramble to discredit once again these historic disclosures before Alyssa comes of age in 2023…..


Dearman threatened me in a comment a year or two ago, saying he can’t wait for the children to come of age so they can SUE ME!

love as always and PRAYERS hugely coveted for justice for the CHILDREN !

Angie and Aaron xx