The Guardian, Tortoise Media & The Cover Up!

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Myself and Aaron are closely monitoring the recent mainstream media attempt to once again discredit the Hampstead Childrens’ Disclosures. In this video, we go in depth taking a look at Alexi Mostrous, an ex barrister turned journalist, and in my opinion recruited by Belinda McKenzie when she was doing voluntary work in a barrister’s office….I cannot prove this although the Guardian article featured in the previous blog is very telling. Another enemy of the children who had great influence in the courts was the allegedly retired Karen Irving, El Coyote of Hoaxtead Research. And then there is solicitor Sarah Phillimore! It is very sad how many of the legal profession are compromised and working against the very justice they pretend to advocate…..

John Watt former QC at the High Court in Glasgow where he is charged with rape of children aged between 8 and 12 years of age (Image: MIKE GIBBONS)

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It could also be that Belinda was fooled by a seemingly kind offer to investigate the childrens’ disclosures. It would not be the first or last time that the BBC or ex mainstream media people seemed to offer help and then flipped it with a hatchet job, sadly! One has to also ask what the vested interest could be of The Guardian Newspaper in this ongoing, scandalous cover up?

Basing the investigation on the discredited Police Interviews hardly seems the way to find the truth? The Police Complaints Commission UPHELD a complaint by the Mother Ella Gareeva that the children were being LED by the infamous police interviewer, Steve Martin. See the evidence document in previous blog by the Mother!

There is also a slim possibility that this Alexi Mostrous could be a friend in disguise, in terms of raising awareness and shining a light on alleged crimes that were NEVER properly investigated and plague our societies world wide. It does not appear that way, as he goes along with the frivolous narrative of the Mother and Boyfriend being the perpetrators, but one can only live in hope.

Here is an animated discussion of the whole scenario as it unfolds, between myself and faithful colleague Aaron

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