The lost #JeanClement Recordings!

For those who follow my blog (and please subscribe for all updates) THIS recording was almost completely scrubbed from the internet by Google and Youtube! WHY????

With tenacity, my beloved assistant found it so we share it here, and ask the brave and the bold to please download this and re share it or the blog itself far and wide!

This was a controversial part of the evidence bundle in support of the Hampstead Childrens Disclosures….because it was RAW TRUTH UNEDITED UNPLUGGED!! Abraham was not happy at it’s release…the policeman recording it is his BROTHER IN LAW! Abe fell out with the brave creator of the original evidence hub HAMPSTEAD RESEARCH because she released this.

In the interest of complete transparency for the sake of the CHILDREN, it is re released here

The above, hard-to-find recording is three hours long and TRIGGERING!

For the serious truth seekers it is essential.

Here is a transcript of the same, and gratitude is expressed for the volunteers who took HOURS to transcribe and analyse the mind blowing evidence put forth by these children. The transcipt as featured in my previous blog, is here and please be aware it can be graphic and triggering .

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Love always from Angie and Aaron!