#RoevWade My personal experience & ‘The Girl Who Knew Too Much #MKUltra

Hello Friends and THANK YOU to those helping us reach the first milestone of ONE MILLION HITS on this blog! We are ever closer xx

I spoke about my concerns about the TIMING of the overturn of the 49 year wrongful ruling in America of ROE v WADE. My understanding from research is that the lady said she had been raped, in order to set this devastating legal precedent almost half a century ago. She later repented, having become a Christian, and confessed that it was not a rape. She then got upset, perhaps rightfully so, when her church cashed in on her confession for the righteous agenda. It was a mess. And clearly it IS GOOD NEWS that the Supreme Court in America has finally overturned this case. It does not outlaw abortion, rather returns laws to each individual state. Any form of de centralisation in this globalist nightmare has to be a good thing. However, the TIMING makes me think the Democrats PLANNED this as a wave for them to ride in on for the mid term elections this November. We shall wait and see….

There is another theory afoot that babies born of vaccinated parents would be another generation in this dark experiment of depopulation. There is no proof for this but nightmarish history is unfolding before our eyes.

Here is a video of MY OWN EXPERIENCE of backing out of an abortion just a couple of days before, after a dream which I believe with all my heart was from God

And here following is my latest video, somewhat introspective but addressing this and many other issues.

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#MKUltra is trending and sadly not always from a compassionate perpective. I held back from #RUSSDIZDAR mainly because of his stance on sleeper cells of mkultra survivors due to be awakened into assassins etc for the end times. Whilst this may be true of many, I firmly believe that since I was born again and de programmed, I am NOT ACCESSIBLE by the dark side, no matter how many attempts they make to trigger me. There have been MANY including being extensively groomed by the ILLUMINATI ….trigger words attempted on phone calls by billionairess LADY M.J. SANTOS, invitations to Vienna for annual balls (and rituals no doubt) by elite freemason ANTONIO de PLEGUEZUELOS, invitations to Palm Springs by sometime de programmed survivor LADY IRMA STROUD and so on and so forth ….

but JESUS!!

I still have operatives sent in on me frequently (perhaps as recently as January of this year 2022!!) and can be fooled for a short while, with my NAIVETE programming, but GOD ALWAYS WINS and I am extracted!

Finally, I include a blog by David Nino Rodriguez of the wife of an intergeneration SRA family survivor. This husband allegedly broke free from the cult aged 15 but was recalled and is now in prison awaiting sentencing for an attempted shooter mission. Did he know Jesus? Was he firmly under the shadow of His wings? Watch with discernment, as the Q movement has in my opinion descended into a propaganda psychological operation


I am in dire straits financially, as some of you know. My savings have been probably lost in a crypto currency multi level marketing scheme. I know. I should have known better. And I find myself trying to maintain a 4 bedroom home on my own with a greatly reduced income since my youngest moved out to start a new life. Of course, I am delighted for him but the suddenness of his departure, with the economic inflation, and the loss of both of our savings has created THE PERFECT STORM

I still await God’s wisdom and guidance as to whether to sell my home and buy a camper van or whether to try and endure until He resolves my unfamiliar poverty supernaturally!

For those who know my weaknesses and shortcomings ha ha, I have cut my cigarrette smoking by half and my drinking by three quarters! I stil find myself struggling to keep my little car on the road and my blog and various platforms up and running

If you can help practically, it is hugely appreciated! This is my support platform on gofundme


If you cannot, then your PRAYERS for wisdom and guidance in my twilight years are hugely beneficial. This sadly is the fate of many survivors who do not enter old age with a spouse or an adequate pension plan or even good health!

We shall NOT revel in self pity, but nor shall we hide with shame the badge of sudden poverty. In the end times, it will come to many, and even riches will not protect mankind from supernatural catastrophes.

Here are helplines for victims of rape and abuse both in Ireland and the UK



Much love as always

Angie and Aaron