Rest Easy #StephanieOostveen one of a kind!

Beautiful Stephanie my one time friend, estranged by troll Divide and Conquer tactics, sadly passed away on 2nd May 2022 wow LOT OF TWO’S THERE suddenly, aged only 60.

She was NOT jabbed and was posting right up until the day before her passing, fighting to the end in her inimitable fashion for truth and justice with a big dose of HUMOUR and SCANDAL thrown in. Steffi had posted that she had been feeling unwell for some time.

Steffi had permission to be shocking due to her own survival of a traumatic and abusive childhood

She gladly lent her voice and support both online and financially to the HAMPSTEAD CASE and she will never be forgotten.

Condolences to her hubby TIM and her beloved son

Here are a couple of interviews from the archives

and here is another …you can skip the first few minutes of yours truly!

Here is the link to the archives channel

and here is the gofundme link for your kind support financially! We NEED to keep this blog up and running for posterity

love always,

Angie and Aaron