SPIRITUAL WARFARE HANDBOOK Angie and #Charissa Parts 1 to 5

Dear Friends,

I am still dealing with collapsed joints and the likely need for surgery, whilst my beautiful assistant has TWO fractures to his ankle currently being dealt with! To say nothing of the PAINKILLERS affecting our ability to pump out work!

Nonetheless we get together and LAUGH at the devil and maintain, our bodies may be broken but our BRAINS still work!!

Here are the first parts of an amazing work by author CHARISSA a book on SPIRITUAL WARFARE which may be controversial in parts but will surely bless those on the front line resisting the assault of the Luciferian New World Order …please enjoy and share, and if you can contribute PLEASE DO!!

I am delighted to tell you Charissa has opened her OWN youtube channel and will feature all this work as well as her own many interviews going forward! Subscribe or stay close for the next 5 sessions which will hopefully put on record audio / video the 63 page SPIRITUAL WARFARE handbook for the saints in these last days!!

Link for Charissa’s new channel will be included in the next blog!! Meanwhile, as always HUGELY grateful to those who help sustain this platform, all my social media and our humble efforts, THIS is my gofundme!


love always, Angie and Aaron xx