#MKUltra & Medical Injuries/Abuse…a panel

Hi Friends, Foes & Countrymen which by the way is a quote from Shakespeare ha!

We haven’t blogged in a while, huge pressure personally on Aaron and my health! We are going to need to up our spiritual warfare defences, but truth be told, ill health, chronic pain and infirmity seem to come with the package of surviving abuse, and especially SPEAKING OUT about it !

We appreciate ongoingly your prayer covering and practical support xx

This is a panel discussion with Emma of THE IMAGINATION PODCAST, Lisa of ONLY GOD RESCUED ME, myself and a new discloser we are calling FIORA! The information is invaluable and to many SHOCKING but please share this wherever you can!

This panel is also available on Emma’s channel with 700 views in the first 24 hours so keep sharing and let us get these truths out there from every channel and source!!

If you can support our work, that of myself and my assistant, we hugely appreciate your gifts which not only offset expenses to do the work we do, but also encourage us to keep going in the face of huge adversity xx

This is the gofundme and there is no obligation to donate, only give as the Spirit leads and from abundance, not lack! I am called by satanists including fake profile James Hind a scammer of the vulnerable…God FORBID!! I am a fully qualified journalist and survivor and my whole life in my retirement years is dedicated to helping raise awareness of the truth of ritual abuse, child trafficking and diabolical, medical experiments carried out without consent since at least World War 2 and probably earlier!


Please subscribe both to my youtube channel and the associate Archives of Truth for invaluable information and evidence hard to find anywhere else on the internet xx Feel free to mirror our work or download it for safe keeping. Other channels covering in particular THE HAMPSTEAD CASE are Cory Hamby and Alison Aitken

Ella Gareeva the HAMPSTEAD MOTHER as featured in our last blog seems besieged on every side, because no matter where she is interviewed, her links for petitions and support almost immediately go down…please keep her and especially the children now almost 18 & 17 in your prayers

Aaron like myself just had a catastrophic fall which has laid him up…if we did not laugh at the devil’s attacks we would spend our whole time crying. I am encouraging Aaron to branch out on his channel about medical injuries and abuse ….WATCH THAT SPACE!!

love always

Angie & Aaron xx