Audio series of #Hampstead Evidence bundle

Hi Friends and Fellow Campaigners and Advocates for children,

Many have watched my recent HAMPSTEAD 101 interview with Lisa Meister of Only God Rescued Me channel, and thank you to all who have contacted me since then. Also have had much feedback from the interviews ongoing with Emma of THE IMAGINATION channel

Tom Dunn and Vicky Joy of THROUGH THE BLACK channel recently scooped the first interview with Ella Gareeva the Mother of the Hampstead Children in six years, links below. Ella was nervous on the first interview, and did really well on the second, although both are very profound and informative. TRIGGER WARNING

This was a two part interview. I am still so heart broken about this case, first made public in 2015, I had to watch this interview in 15 minute segments…..

Here is part 2

Make time not only to view the above but PLEASE bookmark this and other blogs including Alison Aitken channel and Archives of Truth and my bitchute and Cory Hamby and so many others working to expose and resolve this ‘alleged’ SABBATEAN FRANKIST, OTO cult in the UK!

Bookmark the following series of audio readings by Alison of the INTENSE and important evidence bundle of 73 pages on Hampstead Exposed website which is HEAVILY suppressed with most links NOT WORKING surprise surprise! Ella’s crowdfunding page link on HER website does not work!!

It seems at the moment, the most important thing we can do is KEEP EDUCATING OURSELVES AND SHARING THE TRUTH so please bookmark this blog and listen to the evidence one audio at a time for however long it takes and THANK YOU xx

The above is part one of a 13 part AUDIO series of the 73 page evidence bundle from Ella’s heavily suppressed website. If you watch it on youtube on the Australian school teacher’s channel, it will play as a playlist and you can spend a couple days or more catching up

Ella’s donation channel has been hacked and disabled. My gofundme platform is a journalism and survivor tool, but I am happy to attempt to transfer specified gifts to Ella if I can find a way to do that…please MARK any contributions ELLA GAREEVA! And for those who contribute to our work at ANGELASCACHES it mostly covers expenses, but is nonetheless APPRECIATED …we made the website and domain fees goal this month THANK YOU!!

Thanks Friends. Please continue to pray for SAFETY I am too old for raids or arrests!!

Love always, Angie & Aaron xx