This is an overview of the infamous Hampstead Case for those unfamiliar or newly researching same

The case originally went viral in February 2015, and despite the best efforts of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to attain a fair and just investigation, it was bodged and covered up. The children 8 & 9 at the time were forcibly removed from their protective Mother and eventually given to the Father they had alleged abused them and dozens of other children …playbook, textbook tragedy

So please SHARE this overview with as many people unfamiliar with the case as possible. There is a short window of opportunity to disseminate these truths and evidences before the new push to SHUT IT DOWN and DISCREDIT via the presstitute mainstream media

THANK YOU to Lisa Meister of ONLY GOD RESCUED ME and EMMA of THE IMAGINATION and Tom Dunn of THROUGH THE BLACK and the many American influencers who have partnered in the attempt to get the truth out about the biggest SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE cover up in the UK possibly ever

Ella Gareeva, the Hampstead Mother, has just done a two part interview after many years, with Tom Dunn and Joy of THROUGH THE BLACK youtube channel due to be released next week. Please pray for no interference or hacking and that the interview would reach as many as possible

Ella has a new website called HAMPSTEAD EXPOSED as well as a giftsendgo fundraiser for her fighting fund to get the children home and de programmed

As a semi retired journalist and survivor myself, I ongoingly appreciate those who support MY work…Hampstead has been a big feature of my more than a decade of broadcasting, but certainly is not the only content

love as always and thanks from Angie and Aaron and PLEASE SHARE THIS especially on platforms like reddit, tiktok etc!