MKUltra & Medical Abuse

This is a huge subject and one I have gone back and forth on disclosing or addressing. Nobody wants to go into detail about horrendous medical malpractise or negligence, let alone ATTACK!!

I, like my parents, come from programming that has us revere and obey those in authority, ESPECIALLY medical authority as we beLIEve they have our best interests at heart!!

I am due to make a video with LISA MEISTER of ONLY GOD RESCUED ME youtube channel in a week or two on this subject, with a newly disclosing survivor with exact details of one of MY major hospital assaults in common

i have never documented ALL my medical injuries but, by the grace of God I WILL!!

Here is a step along the way, a video I made a couple of years ago, and which was struck down by youtube as MEDICAL MISINFORMATION lol !!

This is a vast, unfolding subject….I had a BAKER’S CYST the size of a golfball removed from the back of my left knee, aged only about 7… in the world would a 7 year old sustain such an anomoly???

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Thank you my dear Friends although most of us have not yet met!!

love always!!

Angie and Aaron xx