#Hampstead, #Abe & stunning back story details…

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Tortoise Media, alleged alternative news ha, Channel Four lost in the ether, are attempting a double down so called FACT CHECK DEBUNK of the heart-breaking HAMPSTEAD SRA DISCLOSURE CASE OF 2014/15 a bit like folk trying to say JFK was shot by a lone shooter, John Lennon ditto, 9/11 was a muslim attack despite Bin Laden family being evacuated during an air travel lockedown…you get the picture??

Abraham is coming to the fore again, despite being set up as the patsy, along with Russian Mother Ella Gareeva….some patsies are easy to set up, but the truth should be more relevant than personality likes or dislikes??

Abraham answers Guidance in a featured video in this blog, saying he refuses to believe the beautiful Hampstead children, now almost adults, would testify against him. Arthur an advocate amongst thousands who speaks for Ella occasionally, equally denounces the possibility that the children would testify against their Mother


Please pray for the children, pray fot programming to be BROKEN in Jesus Name, pray for courage and share this work

This is Ella’s current support platform. Her original youtube channel Free the Hampstead 2 has been taken down. Abraham has been taken down on tik tok, instagram, youtube etc….sadly it is up to the greater public to KEEP THIS STORY ALIVE until the truth is exposed


Here is my update on comments coming through from the intended PATSY Abraham Christie, many of which disappear!

Astute youtuber GUIDANCE CODE features today a phone conversation with Abe from just before the New Year….he did not have Abe’s permission to publish and in the past Abraham went ballistic at me for doing the same, but this is possibly OUR FINAL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to get the truth out and get these children now almost adults FREE so petty differences need to be put to rest?

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