THE MISSING VIDEO!! The 3rd interview I did on AFR which featured HAMPSTEAD!!

FINALLY got an edited copy of the 3rd interview I did with Tere Joyce on AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO!

Shortly after this broadcast she LOST HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL but fortunately was able to get it back within 90 days!!

She then tried to re upload this interview but mass troll complaining had her re jig the title, photo and tags before it was deemed safe to release lol !!

If HAMPSTEAD is a HOAX, how come the powers that SHOULD NOT BE work so damn hard to suppress people covering it ??

Second hour is the interview with Yours Truly, the third one weekly, but Tere does good RANT so if you have time PUT THE KETTLE ON and settle down to a 2 hour BOMBSHELL and Rev Pike put TERE JOYCE on the X MEN and X GIRL list please!!

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